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Black Men & the Police: 7 things to know if stopped by Police
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Black Men and Police
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Black Men & the Police: 7 things to know if stopped by Police

Black Men and Police: Seven things to know if stopped by police.
By Allan Moorer

For some Black men and women, a stop by police is the most traumatic experience of their life. No matter your health, condition, or professional level, you may experience handling with extreme prejudice. No pun intended.
When stopped routinely for a traffic infraction once you have pulled over follow instructions, but do:
1) Turn off your vehicle
2) Turn on your dome lights (if night time)
3) Have your license ready
4) Keep your hands visible if in the vehicle, you may place your hands on steering wheel
5) At night, depends on location and conditions, you may be asked to exit the vehicle
     (this is a safety precaution taken by some officers)
6) Comply with requests regarding, license, registration, etc.., if advised of a traffic violation, listen, if asked do you understand answer, sign and receive your ticket
7) If you do not agree with what the officer states, deal with that in court
If you have some tips or comments about what works for you please post them so that others may benefit. Serious comments that can help will be appreciated.

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Naomi on Sunday, March 13, 2016 7:48 PM
Yes, this is a stop by police is the most traumatic experience of their life. Regardless of your wellbeing, condition, or expert level, you might encounter taking care of with amazing preference. No play on words planned. Thank you so much.
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