Nubian Njia Martial Arts Association  - DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, DEFENSE                    770 633-5572

At Nubian Njia Martial Arts student training is our first objective. We welcome the opportunity to develop your martial arts skills. (go to  facebook)

Who we teach
Minimum age depends on maturity (usually  3  to 5) years of age No Maximum age 

No contracts
Call (770) 633-5572 to start
Wear comfortable clothes
  • Visit a location
  • Experience a free introductory class
What we teach
1) Self Defense techniques while on the ground
2) Freestyle sparring on the ground
3) Standing self-defense techniques
4) Stand-up sparring
5) Transitions falling, throwing, flipping, sweeps
6) Forms a fixed number of defensive and offensive techniques
7) Reflex and cardio work

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