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Ancient Fighting Arts
The oldest martial art documented to exist is called Aha. This art can be seen on the temple walls of ancient Kemet. It is sometimes referred to as Nubian wrestling. It has a strong judo and jujitsu feel.

Master Moorer
Founder & Mwalimu
Seeing a need for a special art in the community Master Moorer founded Nubian Njia Martial Arts in 1985 teaching from his home studio and in 1986 started teaching classes at the South West Atlanta Y.M.C.A then directed by Mr. Edward Lee.

Rank & Experience
 Master Moorer holds a fifth Degree Black Belts in Nubian Njia Martial Arts awarded in 2004 by the Nubian Njia Martial Arts Black Belt Council consisting of five certified black belts. Master Moorer holds a first degree black belt in Taekwondo awarded by the American Taekwondo Association's Master Richard Hamilton. Master Moorer is trained in a variety of martial arts. Master Moorer has been in the art from his youth and formally studying for over three decades. After twenty years of studying the arts Master Moorer earned the status of Grandmaster of Nubian Njia Martial Arts. Master Moorer been teaching for more than a quarter century.
 Master Moorer has written and is editing Nubian Njia Martial Arts white belt training, yellow belt training, green belt training, and black belt training and continues to write about history and technique in Nubian Njia Martial Arts .