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What Parents Say About US

"Devin started Karate in July,2010 because he was being bullied at summer camp. Within one month he was no longer scared of the bully and he is gaining more confidence everyday. That is why we have chosen to keep him in karate and I have recommended Nubian Njia Martial Arts to others." 
Starr Berry 
"Mr. Moorer is a great instructor. He is kind, considerate and very concerned about his students’ safety. We are very glad we chose Nubian Njia Martial Arts in June of this year (2010) for our children’s first experience with Martial Arts. The classes are focused and organized promoting an environment that is well disciplined and encouraging. The students enjoy the classes and are always eager to learn more and move to the next level."Sincerely yours, 
David & Pamela Oliver 

Greetings,"My son began attending Nubian Njia Martial Arts on August 2, 2008 at the age of six.  He wanted to join a karate class because he thought it would be fun.  His father and I wanted him to join a karate class to help boost his confidence level (he tends to be a little shy and passive).  He has truly enjoyed the class and is gradually becoming more and more confident in interacting with his peers.  He has been able to bring friends and family to his karate class and let them either participate or be spectators.  He has worked hard and has progressed from white belt to blue belt (four ranks) in two years.  His ultimate goal is to achieve his black belt (two more ranks).  He knows that it will not be easy but as he has been taught in class and at home, he must focus, be determined, and work hard for what he wants. My son loves working with Mr. Moorer and his sons, Mr. Tim and Mr. Khaile.  They are all very attentive to making sure that my son and all of the students learn karate skills (sparring, self defense techniques, and forms) via repetition, one-on-one assistance and testing; but more importantly, they want to make sure the students learn discipline, self-control, respect and confidence.  All of these are skills that can be and will be used in the “real world”.My husband and I are truly grateful for the experience that Nubian Njia Martial Arts has afforded our son." 
David and Carmalena Brown


"I can’t begin to tell you how much you have been a blessing to Logan and our family. For the past 4 years, Logan has played or participated in a multiplicity of sports. He played because we wanted him to, but not because it was truly something he wanted to do. However, about 6 months ago, Logan expressed that he wanted to take Karate(after watching Karate Kid III with Jaden Smith). At first I thought it was just a phase, but once we signed him up, I immediately saw the passion and love that he had not only for the sport, but also for the Moorer family. You guys have become an extension of our family. Since joining Nubian Njia, Logan is doing better in school, his level of confidence is off the chart and he has really matured. He loves your class so much, he would come to your class 7 days a week if he could. You have inspired him to the point that after he finishes his homework, he jumps on YouTube and watches Karate videos daily. Let me not forget about your wonderful sons. Your 2 sons set awesome examples for all the kids. They are smart and very respectful young men and the kids need to see that.
Continue to do an excellent job with both the kids and adults. You are transforming lives in a positive way. I truly believe that you all are living out your purpose in life."
All the best,
James L. Beasley, II

     Our son, Okoye has been a student of Nubian Njia Martial Arts for almost three years now.  Because of the extent of time my son has been engaged in their program, which is also a reflection of my belief in what they are doing, even my wife and I have gotten involved in the training.  So, we too benefit and have a better understanding of our son's experience.
     My intentions when I first got Okoye enrolled were similar to others in that we wanted him to be able defend himself if necessary, become disciplined, gain self respect, respect others and to have a certain level of self-confidence.  After learning about the historical and spiritual content of the art form, I knew we were in the right place.  We are  getting more than we expected from the Nubian Njia Martial Arts program.      
     We are proud of how our son Okoye is developing and what Nubian Njia Martial Arts is doing for his overall well being.  We see his improvement daily in how he interacts with his friends and family.  His training forces him to have a deep appreciation of the learning experience.  He knows that through hard work, one can accomplish great feats.  He is learning to be persistent in what he does and remain focused despite the distractions or challenges.  This is what Nubian Njia Martial Arts is teaching him and it works in line with what we, Okoye's parents, are teaching him at home. 
         Mr. Tim, Mr. Khaile and Mr. Issac are examples of how I personally want my own children to turn out.  They too, already demonstrate attributes of good teachers. But, this is because they are still good students.  All the black belts students that we have met reflect the results of a disciplined and mature upbringing.  And they each bring a different flavor to the classes, which gives the children different methods and sources to grow from.  
     I personally believe that the Moorer family has found part of the solution to the Black community in particular and the world community at large.  They are truly a part of the "village that it takes to raise our children".  The method in which they use to repair our self-esteem, educate us and enhance our knowledge and understanding of who we are is the closest thing to perfection that one can get.  Nubian Njia Martial Arts Association is truly a spiritual experience for our family!  And we are grateful to have the Moorers as a part of our extended family.  Ashe!
 Sincerely yours,
 Antonio and Pamala Phelps

"My daughter has been a student of Nubian Njia Martial Arts since 2005. My daughter’s unique characteristic is that she is Moderately Intellectually Disabled (M.O.I.D.). The instructors (Mr. Tim, Mr. Khaile, and Mr. Moorer) are fair, patient, intelligent and passionate about enlightening all students and their family, to this form of Martial Arts to the point that everyone is successful. In the class, they incorporate the physical attributes, appropriate drills, the historical definitions, guest speakers, social events and spirited competition where all receive acknowledgment for their efforts. Nubian Njia Martial Arts has been a confidence builder as well as a skill builder for my daughter."
Jennifer Brown