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Assault weapons, communities, and spiritual power


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Assault weapons, communities, and spiritual power

     I am seeking knowledge on this subject and because I know my own shortcomings, it strikes me that a lack of spiritual power can certainly give rise to a sense of physical weakness-manifesting for some, not all, in the need to use and acquire assault weapons; not just firearms. 
     It seems that if individuals would find their spiritual grounding then the fear, mental paralysis, and confusion bringing about the inclination to acquire an assault weapon and ultimately leading to tragedy would be mitigated.  Further, the need for materialistic, and other compensations to use firearms on any individuals in society would not have taken the statistical turn which it has in recent years.

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Allan Moorer on Thursday, September 03, 2015 1:23 PM
Speaking of spiritual power generated in the martial arts. True stories from the annals of Nubian Njia Martial Arts. The names are made up. A seven year old "girlie girl" trained by second degree Black Belt Khaile Moorer earned her green belt. This little girl was in dance, cheer, and gymnastics. Let's call her Kellie. Kellie speaks two languages, has excellent diction and is an A student, Kellie is very passive and kind of shy. Kellie accidentally bumped into "Playground Pollie" -who was bigger, stronger, and older about 11 or. 12. Pollie chases Kellie and Kellie is scared so her reaction was to run. Pollie is intent on beating her down. When cornered Kellie turns yells and jumps into sparring position executes a basic #2 front kick at which time some adults are yelling you can't do karate on her. But her dad was never more proud of his daughter and it made my eyes almost well up when he told me of this incident.
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Allan Moorer on Thursday, September 03, 2015 1:26 PM
A Latino student taught by Khaile Moorer was being bullied, his mom could not speak English. Another bilingual parent interpreted the situation. The child was being bullied in school, was depressed and talking suicidal. Here is what we did. Louis had to stand up fight (spar) and ground fight at every class. At first he was intimidated in short order Louis became spiritually tough. I asked for a report from Mom. No more bullying and no more suicidal thoughts. His mom is so glad she put him in our class and was so pleased with his transformation. Thanks to the guidance, mentoring, martial arts training provided by Khaile Moorer of Nubian Njia Martial Arts. True stories great results.
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Allan M on Saturday, June 09, 2018 10:49 AM
In traditional stand-up martial arts, the weapons can be physical as in stick, knife, or sword or as in hands, elbows, arms, feet knees, or legs etc. but arms does cover a broad spectrum of martial arts.
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Internet Deals on Saturday, July 14, 2018 4:56 AM
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